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Mutshinye Muvhuso commonly known as William Jr or 87(just 87 , plain 87) is a South African writer born in Limpopo. He is the second born in his family.
He started schooling in a local primary and went to many schools after that , he certainly never attendend one school for more than 5 years and have been to 7 schools throughout his life. He matriculated from a secondary school called Mutshutshu.
Just like other childrens , at his early age , he loved socer and also playing with broken machines. At an age of 15 , he played for a local team as a goalkeeper. His position was due to him being tall for his age and for some skills he had at the time. He only played one or two matches before he got bored and left the team. At that time he had the love of writing short comic books for his friends at school. And always been a funny person since his day one.
At the age of 16 , he started drawing and painting , he learnt painting from his uncle and been painting since then..
He started writing poems at the age of 16 and been a book lover since then , in 2017 , he competed in the AVBOB POETRY COMPETITION , but didn't make it.

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